I had the pleasure of working with Tamara Joiner as she was consulting with a mutual client to build out a compliant background and drug screening process, as well as introduce operational efficiencies across the entire HR function. I am delighted to provide a recommendation for Tamara as a consulting asset to senior leaders wishing to transform the HR function. Tamara has the expertise to analyze workflow across the HR function to identify gaps, inefficiencies, compliance risk, and cost savings opportunities. She is adept at defining solutions to improve operational efficiencies and cost containment while delivering a much higher performing HR process flow. Tamara's professionalism and ability to work with cross functional resources in a non-threatening, win-win manner allows her to achieve organizational goals. She has the tenacity and expertise to discover and address underlying issues that create barriers to success. I would not hesitate to engage Tamara in a single or entire HR initiative if your organization is intent on achieving an exceptional level of service delivery and execution. Her focus on creating success for HR leaders and organizations is simply unparalleled.
Caroline Bach
Previous Vice President Strategic Solutions at Verifications

Tamara was my client on a very large and complex initiative [while Vice President of Talent Management at Acosta Sales and Marketing]. She exhibited exceptional leadership, integrity, and honesty. She has a wonderful way of building consensus and rallying her teams to perform to the best of their abilities. She was always easy to reach out to, responsive, and forthcoming with any situations that arose. She would work diligently to derive a resolution that would leave all parties feeling satisfied. She is also a great person and will bring great results to any endeavor that she embarks upon.
Vicki DeMarco

Tamara's unique approach to problem solving makes her an indispensable member of any HR team. She is able to communicate complex concepts to a variety of audiences in a persuasive, yet personable manner. She has the ability to take on numerous challenges at one time without letting projects fall on the "backburner. " Tamara is a natural born leader, people tend to flock to her and look to her for guidance when faced with their own professional challenges. She is extremely intelligent and able to see the "big picture" each and every time. Tamara is the person you want on your team when facing corporate decisions related to HR. I continue to look to Tamara as a mentor, professionally and personally.
Addie Poudrier
Director, Talent Management
Acosta Sales & Marketing

Tamara has a clear focus and effectively communicates her needs. She has very specific direction and is quite diligent. She is fair and reasonable and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her.
Bob Ford
National Account Executive
Employment Background Investigations, Inc. (business partner)

Tamara is a dynamic, extremely intelligent, personable leader who reaches people at all levels of the organization through her clear, concise and powerful messages. When speaking to groups, whether it's the orientation class or the entire corporate populations, Tamara maintains a perfect balance of warmth, humor, professionalism and education. She also has superb listening skills that enable her to assist her colleagues and peers with problem solving, decision making and personal development. Tamara is a talented, energetic and skilled executive who will be an extremely valuable asset in your project or organization. I am very fortunate to have worked with Tamara, and I hope you are lucky enough to take advantage of that opportunity, should it arise.
Chris Boivin
Director of Technology (Acosta Insights)
Acosta Sales & Marketing

Tamara brought significant improvements to our HR team in the area of recruitment and talent mgt. She lead several company– wide projects and brought them to conclusion. She is a true professional, sees the bigger picture, and gets results. Tamara also puts a large degree of fun in into her work and was a pleasure to work with.
Wayne Cina
Regional VP of Human Resources
Tree of Life

Tamara is a hard worker, drives for results, team player, and is dedicated to the job and company. She always had a positive attitude and was always there for support. I have learned a great from deal her with the knowledge she brought to our company. Any company that hires Tamara will have a great asset.
Dina Dempsey
Human Resource Manager
Tree of Life

Tamara is a "go– getter. " Always full of ideas for change and/ or innovation, she definitely has a passion for her line of work.
Robin L. Fiddes
SPHR, Regional VP of Human Resource
Tree of Life, Inc.

Tamara is highly motivated. She can multi task while ensuring the deliverable is comprehensive and timely. . . she keeps moral high as she constantly strives for excellence.
Tina Lambrou
HR Project & Business Manager
PSS World Medical

It is my pleasure to recommend Tamara Joiner. She has numerous strengths, but her verbal and written communication skills cannot be beat. She always amazed me with her quick wit and ability to smooth over any challenging situation, always leaving both parties satisfied. Not only is she a fast thinker and talker, but her written communication style is something that everyone should strive for. She has a keen ability to relate to people, from the minimum wage employee to CEO. Not only do individuals join a company due to the great impression Tamara leaves them in the interview process, they also stay at the company because of the culture Tamara creates around her. Tamara is extremely bright, energetic, outgoing, efficient, and a hard worker. She leads by example and has a caring way of motivating her stuff to their fullest potential. Tamara is a fierce competitor, aggressive, and always gets the job done. She makes things happen and always gives you the desired results! It was a privilege to have worked for Tamara and I am honored to recommend her to any organization.
Julie Leigh Hutcheson, Employee Relations Representative / Senior Recruiter
Corporate Recruiter
PSS World Medical / Physician Sales & Service

Hi Tamara,
I just wanted to thank you for your on– line training this morning; you did a very fine job in your explanation of the process, and it was most informative.
With kind regards,
Amelia xxxxxxxx,
Logistics Coordinator, Transportation Industry

Hi Tamara, I found the seminar easy to follow, thanks for the great organizing of the format!
With kind regards
Carol Ann xxxxxxx
Key Account Manager
CPG Industry

I know it's been busy. . . but just a quick note to say. . . thanks for everything last week. . . arranging a great meeting and training. . . good conversation and as always, your continued mentoring and guidance along this journey towards achieving "HR Excellence" . . . It's always a pleasure and a lot of fun. . .
Jenn, PHR
Regional VP, Human Resources
Sales & Merchandising
CPG Industry

Thanks for the mini seminar on the new approach to the EPC program. You kept it interesting while keeping it informative. You crammed a lot into one hour, but it was comprehensive. Looks like a lot more work will be needed up front but it should pay off in the long run.
Gwen xxxxxx
Payroll Manager
Retail Industry

As the dust settles on the meetings held this past week here in St. Augustine, the updates and forward gains have been shared from the top down as well as from peer to peer. My "take away" has been one of pleasant surprise. I am hearing of a company that bears little resemblance to the company I joined over 6 years ago. I am hearing of a company with forward vision. I am hearing of a company with team involvement and mutual respect.

I see your contributions as a common thread among these improvements. You have found quality, skilled, forward thinking individuals with initiative. You have found managers to nurture employee contribution and to empower action. The bar has been raised and the energy grows.

You own a large part of this. . . . . . . . Thank you. You make a difference (in a great way).
Monica xxxxx
Business Analyst
Sales & Distribution Company

Tamara – I appreciate your team's timely, professional response to filling our need for a Pricing Specialist. I had a good pool of candidates from which to choose and I believe we have selected an individual that can grow with the company and become an increasingly valuable member of the family!
Thanks again for your help,
Tony xxxx
National Pricing Manager
CPG Industry

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have attended other orientations in my past (some of which I have skipped out of). Today's presentation was very informative. I did not mind being locked up with the group for 3+ hours. I had a very enjoyable morning and a great welcome! Thanks
Jackson xxxxx
Payroll Supervisor
Medical Supply Company

I just felt as though I needed to take a few minutes to share something with you. I would like to tell you what a wonderful job you did at our orientation. A very large group started with myself and you made us feel so comfortable. We have not only become new employees, but developed hopefully long time friendships. You gave us a great feeling starting a new job. I think especially for most women, it's hard starting a new company and not really knowing anyone. You broke the ice by having us introduce ourselves and telling a little bit about ourselves. Some of us are not only new to the company, but also to Florida. It's hard starting out in a new place, no family or close friends. You made things seem a lot easier for the transition. We laughed and felt very at ease. You put some new excitement into starting a new job. You were also very informative and so very sweet. The luncheon was really nice and it gave us a chance to speak to the new hires and the people from corporate that stopped by. I know I found it very welcoming. I knew right then that I made the right choice in accepting my job at xxxxxx. I hope you know that we appreciate the great job you did, I know I can speak for the whole group.
Karen xxxxxxx
Pricing Analyst
Retail Food Supply Company

This new hiring process is so amazing. I can't tell you how nice this is to have a process – and it works! Thanks and welcome – we needed you!
Ginny xxxxx
Executive Assistant
Grocery/ CPG Industry

Tamara, Since I am writing thank you letters at the moment, I thought I would write the one person I should thank the most, you. Honestly, without your help, this opportunity most likely wouldn't have existed. Throughout all my interviews at xxxx and now with xxxxx, you continually supported me and that means so much! I honestly can't thank you enough! I owe you. Joe xxxxxx
Director of Financial Planning
Pharmaceutical Company

I appreciate the quick response, Tamara, you are so efficient. I didn't even get chance to e– mail you yet and you are already answering my phone message.
Merchandising Manager
Distribution Company