Sourcing Plans

Have you have ever lost a top candidate because a hiring manager client didn't think your candidate was as strong as you did?


Have you struggled to get the hiring manager to provide facts to justify his or her evaluation, only to be given opinions and feelings?


If the answer to either question is yes, then you lost your candidate for the wrong reason.  You can either do nothing and find more candidates, or you can get more facts.  We would advise you to get more facts to back up the manager's evaluation.  It may require some tough-mindedness on your part, but it will ultimately save you a lot of time.  This is what recruiting is all about.

The Sourcing Plan

Putting together a sourcing plan is a good way to ensure that you're hiring the best quality people at the lowest cost within the shortest period of time.  This is the universal objective (or should be) for corporate recruiting departments.  A sourcing plan is a list of different sourcing techniques and approaches that you're likely to use during the course of any assignment.  Whether it includes job boards, referrals, web-crawling, or internal moves, creating a plan will net the results you deserve.  Engaging your managers and creating position-specific sourcing plans will help you in the long run.


Research shows that the majority of recruiting organizations don’t have documented recruiting strategies or any sourcing plan.


Stay ahead of the majority— let ITM help you build your sourcing plans.