Requests for Proposal (RFP)

A Request for Proposal, or "RFP," is a tool used by businesses to purchase products and services by promoting competitive proposals among vendors.


Through this competitive process and ensuing dialogue, vendors offer an array of potential solutions and prices and compete with each other to win business.  Companies evaluate the many different vendor solutions and pick the one that most closely fits their project requirements and budget.


If HR solutions are something you seek, and an RFP is required, ITM can manage your RFP process by partnering with you and working with the vendors to ensure that both parties are working from the same set of rules, requirements, schedules, and information.


ITM will:



One of the most typical challenges vendors have in responding to an RFP is that the RFP has no basic outline to follow.  The best defense against poor proposals is to have a strong, well-organized RFP that vendors can follow.


ITM will provide RFP's that are complete with: