Accurate and timely accounting of relocation expenses has a far-reaching impact on the overall performance and success of a corporate relocation program, to both the company and the individual transferee. With relocation costs per employee homeowner topping $70,000 in recent years (according to averages reported by Worldwide ERC), effective management of expenses can easily exceed several million dollars annually for a company.


All relocation services funnel through the expense management function to be appropriately recorded and paid, making this function a significant responsibility for those managing the relocation program.


Relocation is one of the areas that come under the microscope when the subject of cost-cutting arises.  To review your relocation policy and structure is to show your fiscal responsibility to the company.  ITM is sensitive to the fact that without a fair relocation program, recruiting the top talent can prove challenging. 


If you have a relocation program that lacks structure, ITM can help.


If you do not currently have a relocation vendor, ITM can help.


ITM can create and manage tiered policies and reimbursement programs including; system implementation, communication plans, back office processing, roll-out, training plans and execution. We can help you cut costs without eliminating the significantly valuable service your candidates and employees.


Yes, ITM can help.