The proof is in the numbers; we have saved companies over 25% in their outsourced placement fees on professional and executive level positions.  How did we—and how do we continue to— do it?  We charge flat fees as opposed to charging percentages of starting compensation, and we think that's fair.  Our fee schedule is as follows:

Compensation Flat Fee
50K-100K $5,000.00
100K-150K $10,000.00
150K-200K $15,000.00
200K-250K $20,000.00
250K-300K $25,000.00
300K and above $30,000.00

Our fee schedule is great, we know, but we also know that the more important consideration is the quality of the candidates we provide.  We have access to the same networking tools and systems that all the big staffing agencies do.  Beyond that, we believe in business through referrals.  Our number one method of finding excellent, and, in most cases, passive candidates is through our own network.  Whether we spend a week finding the right candidate or six months, our rates never change.


Not only can ITM staff those professional and executive level positions for you, but we can help you create staffing plans:


Let ITM help with the development of your staffing plan and, beyond that, let ITM help develop the capabilities of your recruiters.  We love to help organizations recruit key positions, but providing development to the recruiting team and hiring managers is where we shine.