Recruiter Development

Let's talk about Recruiter Development ....


Q:Is the key to good corporate recruiting the ability to search the Internet and find a candidate?
A: No.  Anyone can learn to find candidates.

Q: Is the ability to develop relationships and establish service level agreements with hiring managers important?
A: Yes.  Yet few companies focus on it.

Q: Are there interview techniques that produce better results than others?
A: Absolutely!  Yet few companies, recruiters, or hiring managers have any structure or technique at all.

Q: When a candidate is found and hired, does the recruiter-candidate relationship end?
A: No.  Yet this is common among most organizations.

At ITM, we believe that many corporate recruiters have a lot to learn.  They need to be taught how to develop stronger, more credible relationships with hiring managers.  They need to be given tools to use when negotiating offers and combating counter-offers with candidates.  They need to know how to dig for—and get—excellent referrals from candidates they turn away.  They also need to be armed with information about the methods used by agency recruiters in order to stay ahead ... and run circles around them.


We've been there.  We've done that.