Records Management

Having a clear document reflecting legal requirements for record keeping and retention of employee files and other employment-related records is essential for businesses of all sizes.

Not only do various federal agencies have their own record retention requirements, but individual states also have requirements that have to be followed.  Some of the requirements apply to most employers, while others apply primarily to government contractors and subcontractors.  Many of these requirements are dependent on the number of employees or the purposes for which the record keeping is designed.

ITM will create a document to address record keeping requirements under federal laws and provide definite guidelines that comply with current requirements.  We will also provide charts for your HR practitioners to use as a reference regarding what records must be kept under each federal law, the retention period for those records, and the applicability of each federal law.


ITM will conduct a compliance audit of existing records management processes and policies.  We will identify gaps and determine what changes need to be made to achieve compliance.  We will create communication, documentation, and training for your field managers, internal records managers, and administrators.


The basic objective of a "good" filing system is to be able to find the record you need quickly and economically, regardless of its format.


The objective of a "compliant" filing system it to establish protocols for retention, storage, maintenance, and destruction of employee documents in accordance with legal requirements.


Remember: if you are challenged by a current or past employee, keeping records you were not REQUIRED to keep can hurt the company or put the company's defense at risk. 


If you have the record, you have to produce the record.


Conversely, if you follow established protocols and you stay in compliance with the various federal and state regulations, you will minimize the records you retain, therefore minimizing the records you must produce during the discovery phase of a lawsuit or claim.