Competency Profiles:  Job/Position and Candidate

What are competencies?


Competencies are general descriptions of the behavior or actions needed to successfully perform within a particular [work] context (e.g., job, group of jobs, function, etc.).


While competencies are not new, what is new is their increased application across human resource functions to drive both associate and corporate performance and realize results that are relevant to the organization's business strategies and vision.


Associates learn, develop, and refine many of their competencies over the course of their careers.

Do we need competencies?


In contrast to a job description, which typically lists the tasks or functions and responsibilities for a particular role, a set of competencies (or competency profile) lists the abilities needed to conduct those tasks or functions.


Too often job descriptions are not worded in a manner that enables an associate’s performance to be effectively measured.  Competencies, on the other hand, are described in terms such that they can be observed, measured, and rated against criteria that are standardized and required to do the job effectively.

What is a competency profile?


A competency profile is defined as a set of competencies and includes associated behaviors that link directly to the work to be performed, as well as the levels of proficiency for each behavior.  Usually there are several competencies (five to ten) for any given position.  This profile, or set of competencies, is specific to a job or group of jobs.


With valid, fair, and unbiased competency profiles, management can recruit, select, train, develop and reward associates in a manner that is consistent with the strategic vision and objectives of the organization.


Therefore, any investment you make in competency profile development has benefits far beyond the usefulness of the results for associate development purposes.

How does ITM use competencies?


Why should we use competencies?



As referenced in the Behavioral Interview Process (BIP) section of this site, creating accurate profiles can be the critical difference between recruiting a candidate and recruiting the right candidate. 


Determining what competencies are relevant and non-negotiable for success on the job is the key factor to finding and retaining the right candidate.