Policy/Handbook Development

Communicating your personnel policies in a professional employee handbook is essential.  Communicating your company's policies and procedures in a coherent and centralized manner creates a healthy business.

Handbooks have become the unyielding foundation against lawsuits, discrimination cases and job actions against companies.  Without a handbook or any written policies, companies become highly vulnerable to lawsuits.

A well-written handbook not only protects the company from lawsuits, but it also can significantly reduce the need to call people on the carpet for infractions.

Though there are standards—subjects included in all company handbooks— each business requires a unique set of rules, policies, or guidelines to govern its employees. 

ITM will review your existing handbook and policies, if they exist, and identify areas of concern.  Whether the policies are outdated or exclude vital new  considerations, such as cellular phone photo taking, ITM will get you current.

If you haven't developed policies or a handbook before, now is the time.  ITM will get you started!