New Hire Orientation/Onboarding

Most employers think the hiring process ends when a new employee has been hired.  Human resources and recruiters think, "My job here is done."  We disagree.

If you haven't already done so, you should consider upgrading your new hire orientation program and your onboarding process as a whole.  Why?  We believe that a company focused—from day one— on the new employee's future sends a message that the new employee has made a good choice and has joined a company interested in cultivating and supporting his or her career ambitions.

A well done orientation program built to assimilate the employee into the new job is a primary ingredient for reducing future employee performance problems and turnover.  Don't we always say it's important to make a good first impression?

ITM will help you make a good first impression.

We will build an interactive new hire orientation program that will allow you to:

Your orientation program should be looked at as your one chance to set a positive tone for this employer–employee relationship and get things started on the right track.

ITM will create an effective orientation program that makes the new hire feel comfortable and introduces the organization’s culture, supervisors, coworkers, and work expectations.  New employees will get a positive first impression and "buy into" your culture, thus being more likely to be loyal, cooperative, and interested in your organization’s success.