Tamara hails from the small town of Ashtabula, Ohio.  She has two teenage children, Hailee and Cyrus, who are her encouragement and her inspiration.  She got her start in human resources as a recruiter in Washington, DC, where she quickly learned the business of staffing and client and candidate relationship building.  After leaving WDC to head to Florida, she landed in technical recruiting - just in time for the legendary Y2K.  She recruited for several years, quickly taking on leadership and training roles before transitioning to HR/talent management.


Working her way to executive level human resources management, Tamara found herself and her team at the unfortunate end of the economy driven employment downturn.  Determined to continue doing what she loves, within weeks she partnered with a former client and began consulting full-time.  Due to her great success managing multiple initiatives and the additional clients requesting her services, IntelliTalent Management Consulting, Inc., was born.


Tamara is an accomplished Human Resources Executive with proven expertise in policy and procedure, recruiting and hiring practices, personnel development, retention approaches, legal compliance issues, managerial support, training and development initiatives, and HR systems solutions and implementations.


Her visible achievements include developing high caliber, peak performing human resource organizations that support business strategy, productivity, and profitability. 


She possesses “big picture” thinking and decisive leadership strengths; she is able to manage corporate and division assignments in diverse environments, including growth, restructuring, and acquisition.  Tamara has a proven ability to work with CEO and senior management teams to integrate human resource functions within the business. Tamara has been recognized for her strong commitment to maintaining high levels of operational improvements and meeting organizational objectives by relying on her unique combination of business savvy and intuitive management skills.