Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

The selection of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can be overwhelming.  The roll out of an ATS can be difficult because of the many users across the organization who want their own needs to be met.  It is critical to define a selection process that incorporates the needs of the organization, while ensuring effective decision making.

There are hundreds of Applicant Tracking Systems on the market today.  Many "other service" providers have created ATS's to please their existing customers and offer packages for increased business opportunities.  Human resources professionals, business owners, and recruiters can face a difficult decision when trying to implement a new ATS for their business or department.  As you research various ATS products and services, you may get bogged down with information and find that making a decision becomes more difficult with every new system you investigate.

It is important to follow structured steps to help simplify the process.  Enlisting ITM in the process will help you to evaluate what you need from an ATS.  Do you need the system to store resumes or filter applicants?   Do you need a system that automatically administers tests or tracks interview progress?  Identifying clear business goals will connect your priorities to your requirements. It is imperative that you identify who will help you stay focused on its initial system requirements and help you gain clarification on these and more topics to determine whether the applicant tracking software can do the required job.

ITM can help you identify the key requirements to consider.  We can help you build the RFP and seek those providers who most meet your goals.  Furthermore, we can manage the communication with each prospective provider, thus minimizing the time your internal resources are bogged down.

Once the RFP process is complete and the provider selected, ITM can manage the implementation and assist in developing workflows that meet your business needs.

To take it a step further, ITM is skilled in the area of ATS training and can get your users up to speed and maximize the return on your investment.